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If you should be a BC resident in complete- or graduate that is part-time undergraduate studies

At UBC, government student loan assistance might be accessible for you.

Simple tips to use

  1. Apply on line through StudentAid BC (SABC) to be looked at both for federal and loans being provincial grants.
  2. Check out the Course Load help Guide to be sure you’re using credits that are enough qualify for that loan.
  3. Complete your online education loan application at minimum 2 months before classes begin to get your capital at the start of the word.
  4. Submit the Master scholar Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) in prompt manner if you should be trying to get a student-based loan for the very first time. A belated distribution can postpone your loan.

BC residency requirement

Students are categorized either as Dependent or Independent to ascertain residency and economic need.

Pupils are believed become determined by a sponsor that is financial such as for instance their parent(s), unless they meet one or more associated with requirements for separate status as defined below. Continue reading