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Over fifty percent for the respondents said they might perhaps not remain in the armed forces unless the insurance policy

When asked to identify individual expenses which they related to the do not Ask, never inform policy, almost all the 208 participants stated it had placed homosexual workers at an increased risk for blackmail or manipulation along with a bad influence on their individual and unit relationships. Up To a much lower level, they reported being teased or mocked. a fraction that is sizable per cent of participants attributed mental health issues into the policy. Seven per cent reported having been threatened or hurt by other people in the armed forces for their intimate orientation.

Figure 6. Gay Service Members Attribute many Personal issues to your “Don’t Ask, never Tell” Policy

SUPPLY: RAND survey of homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual personnel that are military.

Over fifty percent regarding the participants stated they might perhaps not stay static in the armed forces unless the insurance policy had been repealed. About two-thirds reported being greatly predisposed to remain in the event that policy had been repealed. Regarding a concern usually cited as essential for retention choices, virtually all respondents that are gay93 per cent) consented that “gays and lesbians when you look at the military have dependents that are missing possibilities and help systems that other army families may use.”

About 50 % for the respondents that are gay now pretend become heterosexual or who avoid speaing frankly about their individual everyday lives stated they might reveal their orientation selectively, “depending on circumstances and that is included.” Eighty % of these who disclose selectively now expect you’ll keep on with this behavior. As observed in Figure 7 below, the big bulk stated they would keep on being selective in exposing their intimate orientation (as homosexual males and lesbians come in civilian life). Continue reading