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You’ve never seen anybody swim the real means Suzy (Jessica Harper) and Sara (Stefania Casini) swim in Suspiria.

Maintaining all their limbs underneath the surface of this water, hardly also making ripples while they make their means over the pool, they swim in nearly total silence, whispering one to the other concerning the present murders. It is eerie anyhow, however the digital digital camera moves towards the balcony overlooking the pool therefore the music ramps up, also it becomes terrifying.

It’s a scene that is minor and absolutely nothing actually takes place, but director Dario Argento causes it to be feel significant.

Skyfall (2012)

James Bond does not swim in only any pool that is old. Oh no. In Skyfall, 007 (Daniel Craig) swims in a rooftop that is glowing with glorious views throughout the neon-lit skyline of Shanghai. Or maybe it is London? The scene had been really filmed during the very posh Four Seasons hotel in Canary Wharf, with Shanghai digitally included in to the back ground a while later. In either case, it seems stunning.

It seem important whether it has any deeper significance is up for debate, but the scene was used in the marketing campaign for the film, which made. Plus did I point out so it appears awesome?

Shivers (1975)

Ever considered why private pools have actually become chlorinated? Don’t dwell upon it for too long or you’ll never ever frolic in the water again. The children’s pool orgy scene in David Cronenberg’s Shivers is troubling in context, needless to say, as bad old Roger (Paul Hampton) realises he’s the only real person maybe not contaminated by grotesque alien parasites, but additionally away from context, as the human anatomy horror is an excellent reminder that others are pretty gross during the most useful of that time period. Bleurgh.

Springtime Breakers (2012)

And talking about sex in swimming pools, well, Harmonie Korine’s Spring Breakers had to ensure it is onto this list someplace. Continue reading