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Adam Hooper – Let’s put some dollars that are real that.

Adam Fountain – Get ahead.

Adam Hooper – when you take on leverage, if you raise a $200 million fund, you might lever that to $400 million of capacity if you raise a $200 million fund, you have $200 million of capacity, where you’re saying.

Adam Fountain – Right. And where in fact the issue may appear is, let’s assume you will be making a million buck loan. You’ve raised $500,000 from investors, and after that you borrowed $500,000 from a bank in order to make that loan to that particular builder or designer. Now, if that loans goes laterally for you, along with to simply take that property right back, the lender will probably wish its cash. And today you’ve got, if it is a construction loan, you have got a half completed task, along with to offer $500,000 back again to the financial institution which you borrowed from. Making sure that can eat into any type of equity pillow pretty quickly. While in an investment like ours, we’re lending at a 65% loan to value ratio, and when we take a house right right straight back, the theory is that, we’re no greater than 65% regarding the appraisal value that is original. Continue reading