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A variation would be to have legs really spacious, making the positioning slut frogtie on front as shown into the 2nd picture.


The classic hogtie place. Many slavegirls will need to grasp their wrists making use of their ankles to stay static in this place for almost any amount of time or even bound. Whenever tying, its conventional to connect elbows together in the event that topic’s flexibility allows. Whenever a slavegirl is keeping the positioning on her behalf very own, this can hardly ever be feasible to put up for longer than a while that is short.

On front, feet endemic but on ground, toes pointed, arms outstretched together above mind. Slavegirl’s body kinds the form of a money page Y. also referred to as bury me personally in a Y shaped coffin. Variations: in the event that feet are closed, this place turns into a hogtie, therefore feet are often at least at available.

A variation is always to have legs really available, making the positioning slut frogtie on front side as shown when you look at the photo that is second. An asymmetric on front supine position where one leg is raised by bending the leg even though the other base is delivered to the knee that is bent developing an “S”, “Z” or zig zag shape. It’s very exposing and can be utilized following the administration of punishment (as witnessed by the whip markings regarding the posterior for this specimen). Continue reading