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Never ever make reference to it as “stripping”; the word to utilize on her is “dancer.”

5. Be respectful of her career. State (or imply) you’ve dated dancers before and prove knowledge of her career. Then I’ll state, “It’s too bad we swore off dating dancers, because i will let you know and I also would get along.” (If she asks you “why you don’t date dancers,” be vague-just tell her, “It’s a long tale, I’ll let you know about it sometime.” Then ask her another relevant question that prompts her to help keep thinking and sharing.

Another good line to utilize: “I’m sure you really must have some funny stories from working right here. My buddy is a dancer in nevada, and she told me some stories that are hilarious the clients whom are offered in these places”

Too standardized. Every woman has heard this one a million times.

6. Befriend the employees: bouncers, layer check, coach males, DJs, supervisors, the property owner, etc. once you see, staff ought to know and greet you. Thus giving you high social value (or “social proof”) within the eyes for the dancers; once again, you’re maybe not a typical client.

End up being the man that knows everyone else within the club.

Befriending staff that is male is easy: I’ll bring a can of Red Bull up to the doorman and state, “Here, I was thinking make use of this,” and present him the beverage. Continue reading