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Alan Parker’s film ended up being according to Pink Floyd’s effective stone record album of 1979.

Alan Parker’s movie ended up being centered on Pink Floyd’s effective stone record album of 1979. The cultish, downbeat re-imagining associated with Pink Floyd record, a musical “free form video” masterpiece – ended up being an extraordinary lineage into madness and insanity through a few rambling music video clip portions by burned-out and depressed stone singer Pink (Bob Geldorf) in A los angeles hotel room. He had been mostly mindlessly watching television – he’d built a real and metaphorical protective wall surface around himself following the death of their dad as he experienced flashbacks of his life and attemptedto tear the wall down.

It included about quarter-hour of governmental cartoonist/illustrator Gerald Scarfe’s adult-themed animated sections with symbolic, sexually-explicit, botanical Freudian symbolism that introduced a misogynistic woman-as-destroyer/devourer motif); into the passionate “flowers” scene prior to the stone song “Empty Spaces,” two plants, one shaped like a male organ additionally the other like a lady organ — morphed into a couple of having intercourse and then involved with a bloody battle as soon as the feminine flower revealed razor- sharp teeth and devoured a man.

In the concluding test series (with Pink on trial, and portrayed as a cloth doll within their cinderblock wall surface), a giant creature called Judge Arse, whom appeared as if a huge collection of buttocks (topped by having a wig) that chatted away from their anal area in a kangaroo courtroom scene; finally ordered and yelled away: “Tear down the wall surface” – additionally the solid brick wall exploded into numerous fragments to liberate Pink. Continue reading