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Their husbands tend to be gone for very long stretches of the time, working at actually demanding, and quite often dangerous, jobs.

Yet these ladies agree totally that being a lineman’s spouse may be the life for them.

Linemen are a Special Breed of males. With possible risk at each change, constant travel, challenging work and very long hours, line tasks are perhaps not for everybody.

The ladies whom decide to marry linemen have been in a course on their own, too. They tend become strong and separate, since they frequently must run their domiciles and families alone whenever their husbands are on the way. They depend on household therefore the unique relationship of sisterhood that just other linemen’s spouses could offer.

Here is a glance at a number of the women that call linemen their husbands.


Whenever Robin Martin’s husband, Mark, renders for work every morning, Robin has a ritual that is little. Every she tells him she loves him, to be careful and that she’ll see him that night morning. They are maybe not words that are just idle those talked by countless wives every day. Mark is a line foreman for Pike Electrical (Fredericksburg, Texas), and although he’s got been honored for their strong security record, the risks are inherent utilizing the work. Continue reading