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Last Exams by Ed Rider there was intimate stress between the instructor along with his female pupils.

Female Domination Games by Pallidan e whole story name states all of it. Females may be so dominating if they have the upper hand. (FFM, dom, exh, bd)

Feminized, Faggified, And Fixed for a lifetime by Kimmie Holland & Meeah Mackenzie a spouse chooses she along with her fan would be happier if her sissy hubby were gay and castrated. (MFdom/M, forced, bi, anal, bd, tv, cuck, cast)

Fifty Things by Ed Rider a man meets years that are up many with a woman from senior school referred to as college slut. She actually is searching for all her detractors and making them spend. (MMF, nc, bi, bd)

movie Star by Mr. Kane would it not be feasible to locate your self in this place? A small business supper and satisfy a film star that is famous. You create is acquaintance using the confidence that is utmost. Self-esteem this is certainly shattered whenever you end up being the effective man’s intimate plaything, after which it gets “worse” and you also’re provided to their bodyguards related to what they will. Would it be feasible, would it not? (Mdom+/F, reluc, v, bdsm)

Filmed With Dogs by Bob Wallace “we like something that gives me pleasure,” Felicia purred, “whether it is a guy, a female. ” She paused, searching Charlotte right into the attention. “. or pets.” (MF/FF/beast, nc, rp, s&m, voy, bd, medications)

last Exams by Ed Rider there is certainly tension that is sexual the instructor along with his feminine pupils. They have been ripe and prepared plus they are sick and tired of the fumbling males they have actually connected with. Through the signals he is providing them with, they feel he is giving an answer to their invitation that is unspoken to them to the mysteries of adult love, or at minimum this is certainly what he believes. (F+/M, nc, bd, d/s, control)

First Day Of Training by Susan Follow a sub through her day that is first of training, after being collared by her Mistress. (FFdom/F, bdsm)

First Encounter by TKJE After a long period of chatting online, two different people with “comparable passions” finally have to be able to fulfill. Continue reading