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5 Lessons Learned From Dating within my 40s & strategies for dating in your 40s

Met him at 18. Married at 21. Divorced a shy of my 40th birthday month. Suddenly I had been solitary again, for the time that is first 21 years. Gulp.

We took time for you to heal – not likely the time, in all honesty – after which I made the decision to use my fortune into the world that is dating

The thing I don’t understand ended up being exactly how much dating had changed since I have ended up being 18. When I last dated, cell phones had been a rarity that have been set up in to the floorboard of the automobile and texting did not occur; neither did Twitter, nor online online dating sites, for instance. On the phone; yet at age 40, I no longer had a landline if you wanted to ask someone out, you called them. Continue reading