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Ashley Madison, How Come Our Honeypots Have Accounts On The Web Site?

She’s 33 years of age, from l. A., 6 legs tall, sexy, aggressive, and a “woman that knows just exactly what she wants”, relating to her profile. She’s interesting. Nevertheless, her intrigue does not end here: her e-mail target is regarded as Trend Micro’s e-mail honeypots. Wait… what?

It was exactly how we discovered that Ashley Madison users had been being targeted for extortion on line. While looking at the leaked files, we identified dozen that is several in the controversial web web site which used email details that belonged to Trend Micro honeypots. The pages by themselves had been quite complete: most of the fields that are required as gender, fat, height, attention color, locks color, physical stature, relationship status, and dating choices have there been. The city and country specified matched the IP address’s longitude/latitude information. Nearly half (43%) associated with the pages have a written profile caption into the true house language of these expected nations. Continue reading