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Certainly we would all be varied in politics, financial back ground, views and viewpoints?

So just why maybe not have that as our “please follow this meaning” meaning? Well, if there is a lot more than two genders plus some folks are no sex, or numerous then it is fairly easy to be drawn to one or more sex that is not such as your very own, and never fancy your personal after all. Attraction to one or more sex does not mean there’s one which you must fancy if not. So we like the ease of use and addition of ‘more than one’.

This means: bisexuality is not an effort to pigeonhole sex, it is the freedom to feel attraction without blinkers! But we agree that ‘both’ is a word that is oddly limiting the group of “everyone else” this is the reason we say “more than one sex” during the Bisexual Index. Finally however, we don’t think anybody is obliged to make use of your message “bisexual”, and now we agree there is a way to get before our meaning is considered the most one that is common.

Bisexuals aren’t Queer

Many of us are, but no specific people that are bisexualn’t be ‘queers’. The homosexual and lesbian scene is filled with bisexuals, a lot of whom understand it’d be socially awkward to turn out about their real sex in an atmosphere that is biphobic. We are together inside our attraction to folks of exactly the same (or comparable, see above!) genders, as well as in the discrimination we face if you are “them” from the homophobes. For many years we have marched on Gay Pride, worked in homosexual pubs, so we’ve been queer bashed for maybe perhaps maybe not being directly. Our sex has to be recognised included in the Queer motion, so we must certanly be welcomed within the fight for tolerance and acceptance. Continue reading