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A few research reports have analyzed the current presence of biphobia into the LGBT community.

Biphobia within the Heterosexual Community

Biphobia within the heterosexual community is rooted in social imperialism. Cultural imperialism is the influence that is cultural of creation and maintenance of unequal relationships. 10 It simultaneously erases the presence of a minority group, while also explaining the minority group in negative, biased terms. 10 In guide to bisexual individuals, it depends on bi erasure and harmful tropes that are bisexual. For example, a New York Times article entitled “Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited” 11 was written aided by the intention of disproving the presence of bisexual people. The content simultaneously denied the extremely presence of bisexuals (talking about them as homosexual people who are lying), while also implying that people which do determine as bisexual are unreliable, promiscuous, and greedy. 10 The refusal to acknowledge the presence of bisexuality promotes the application of harmful tropes in Western news.

Biphobia is contained in many heterosexual communities and contains been examined numerous times. Based on a phone study in america, heterosexual adults had more negative emotions towards bisexual people than towards any kind of sex, faith, battle, or group that is political. The only team that received more negative emotions in this study had been intravenous drug users. 12 Heterosexual individuals usually reference bisexual individuals in a degrading means, deny their presence, and perpetuate harmful stereotypes, each of which enable biphobia to carry on to continue in Western cultures.

Biphobia when you look at the LGBT Community

Biphobia when you look at the LGBT community appears quite distinctive from biphobia within the heterosexual community because it is a kind of oppression within a currently marginalized community. Continue reading